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They grow so fast….why pay full price for 3 months of wear?

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Farmer’s Market Finds

Looking for something fun to do with the family that won’t break the bank? Have you tried going to your local farmer’s market (sometimes also called a French Market)? We did this weekend and were pleasantly surprised at what we found. Most people tend to drive to these events and ample parking is available, butContinue reading “Farmer’s Market Finds”

Be Your Own Hallmark

Ever flip over a greeting card and check the price on the back? If you haven’t and you enjoy the ease and convenience of buying a card, then don’t. The price will make you cry and you will NEVER be able to buy another one! You may be thinking to yourself ‘well, isn’t her momContinue reading “Be Your Own Hallmark”

A Flea What, Now?

So when I was a kid I’m ashamed to admit that I thought a Flea Market was a place people went to buy fleas. Then I went to my first Flea Market and realized that was sooo not the case. For those of you bargain hunters who have never experienced a Flea Market you areContinue reading “A Flea What, Now?”

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